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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the top five questions we get asked, if however there is something you would like to know or have clarified, simply either emails us or ring our support help desk 0161 660 1366


FAQ's - Top six

Q:   Can I use my old barcode labels ? I have thousands of them that I paid to have printed and I don't want to just bin them,
A:   Yes you can, so long as they have unique serial numbers on each barcode label then yes there fine.
Q:   I want to start using my iPhone rather than typing into the computer - can I actually do that ? Does it work ?
A:   As mad as it sounds, lots of people are using either their iPhones, iPads or their smart phones to speed up data entry - you must ensure you have an active 3G or 4G signal for it to work.

Q:   Is there any way of dropping columns from the report or changing the column titles, prior to printing ?
A:   Unfortunately at the moment the reports are static, however we are currently developing a new reports module which is fully customizable and will allow you to produce individual report types for each customer you have - Expected Qrt 3 - 2014
Q:   Just been asked, or rather mentioned, what do I do about backing up my data ? Is this done automatically ?

As with any piece of software, you MUST backup your data files. We do offer the facility to back up these and all other vital data to our offsite secure data center via another application of ours.

Click here to read up on these services.

Q:   There's a couple of extra pieces of information I need to record, can this be added to the system at all ?
A:   Yes we can add extra columns in, depending on what's required will depend on the charge. We do have other companies already that have BESPOKE versions of the PasTags application. Ring support for further information - 0161 660 1366.
Q:   I also produce Fire Risk assessments and Landlord's inspections, do you do any software suitable for that ?
A:   Yes we do, our new application 'FARM' (Fire and Risk Management) is in beta release. This means around 30 or so companies are using, proving and certifying that the product is okay to be released.  To be kept informed ring 0161 660 1366

Help and Assistance

We are also please to provide various methods of support, on screen help from within the PasTags application (press F1), you can email us via the following address, ring us on 0161 660 1366 or we can with your permission, install our AnyWhereSupport remote desktop application.  This will allow us to securely, remotely connect into your computer and help you to resolve any issues you are having.


Sometimes seeing someone else do x,y & z makes life a whole lot easier, we also use social media, click on the icons at the top of the page, Twitter, Facebook. In addition to all of the above, we have created and posted a selection of 'How Do I ?' videos on YouTube.

Speed and Simplicity are our key objectives in all of our software / applications.   Full version - £139

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