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Reports - Previews

To review a sample of one of the three reports generated by the PasTags system, simply click onto the small image.

Pat Testing Report


Once you have finished your inspection, you can then with speed and simplicity generate the Pat Testing Report.


This report also details the following columns on the report;


Location / Area, PasTag ID, Item description, Serial number and any additional notes.


Also included are the individual results for the four tests carried out per item; Visual, Earth, Insulation & Polarity.

Click to view the full reportClick to view the full report

Click to view full reportClick to view full report


Asset Value Report


From one set of data, you can produce different reports, one of these is that of the Asset Value Report.


The company accountants will love you for this, by having a generic database configured with ball mark figures, you can with speed and simplicity create this report listing your customers true asset value.


The report can be even exported straight into EXCEL for further manipulation by the customer themselves.

Stock Item Report


The final third report, shows the stock items. This report allows for managers and the likes to take control of items within the site.


Items are listed by category, other details shown on the report include;


PasTag Id, Item description, Serial number, Location / Area and any additional notes that may have been recorded.

Click to view full reportClick to view full report


Reports can also be exported into Excel, PDF and CSV files, thus allowing your customers to use the reports within their own internal systems.

By providing these extra reports to your customers, you will have an edge over your competitors, don't let that edge slip away !


Speed and Simplicity are our key objectives in all of our software / applications.   Full version - £139

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 Providing you with the ability to automatically generate not one but three invaluable reports

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Exporting Reports



All reports can be automatically made available online, or downloaded as CSV, PDF or Excel

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