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Hestor provides many services, most revolve around computers in some way or another. Be it that we may be supplying new hardware, broadband lines, voip telecommunications systems, building infrastructures, networking methodologies or down to actually writing new computer software for clients.
We also produce websites, host domains,provide email servers, ftp servers, cloud backup servers, cloud document scanning solutions, just about anything and everything to do with supplying or supporting computers and there software.

We also have a dedicated team of staff who will work alongside your own IT staff to provide the best possible services to you and your company.



Need a little more support ? We offer our customers both remote and onsite training.


Remote: To save time and your money, we are able to remotely connect in and take control of your computer, showing you step by step just how to create your categories, items, etc.  We can show you just how to complete and generate your reports with speed and simplicity. This service is charged by the hour at £45 plus vat.


Onsite: We are more than happy to attend onsite, provide one to one training side by side, we would quote around £300 plus VAT per day, this excludes any additional travel costs.


Web Access

Want to provide your customers the ability to simply go to a website and download their reports ?


White Label Web Portal: More and more people expect to obtain their reports / data via the internet. With this in mind, you to can offer your customers their reports via a safe & secure website.


This is a white label service, in another words, the website has all your company logo on it, along with your contact details, not ours, we simply provide the service behind the scenes, the data is yours and no offer companies.


You don't need to worry about anything, just create account holders with user names and passwords, PasTags will take care of creating the data and uploading the reports automatically for you.  Their is a set up fee of £250 with a yearly running charge of £99, both plus VAT.


Barcode Labels

Barcode labels today can come in all shapes and sizes, in rolls or pre-printed on sheets, even print your own. 


PasTags: To provide speed and simplicity, we offer barcode labels pre-printed on a roll.  These can have your company name on the top where we have Hestor - PasTag. Rolls usually have around 500 labels on them and start at a cost of £12.50 plus delivery & vat.


Emebeded Barcode: As you can see from the image opposite, our labels have both the barcode on it as well as unique serial alpha numerical coding; P109, P110. Every label / barcode is unique.  By using this method the user has the ability to use a barcode scanner at the point of testing or simply enter in the short unique alpha numerical code when entering data into the system, thus providing speed and simplicity.


To aid users of the system, we use a very simplistic methodology, P (Standard pat testing items), M (Microwaves), W (Warnings)


For more information on the wide range of barcode labels, please contact us on 0161 660 1366


Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners can now be virtually any shape, any size, some are fitted with fixed cables, others use technology such as wireless and bluetooth.


Remember these questions when looking for a barcode scanner - what is the barcode scanner being connected to, how are you going to power the barcode scanner, will it provide you with an easier way of scanning or does the cabling requirements make it just to awkward to user ?


With the exception of RS232 fittings, most will be usable, stick to bluetooth (check your computer or laptop has blueetooth receiever) or better still USB.


The best time to use a barcode scanner is when is make things quicker, if typing in the short unique PasTags code (eg: P109) is quicker than trying to scan the actual label then don't buy a barcode scanner - your wasting your money !


Future Plans / New Features

So what's next ?


We constantly stride to make our applications simple to use, whilst offering a rich powerful collection of features and functions.


We get lots of feedback from customers, without this support from you, we wont know what's really needed. So do let us know, email us your suggestions or list of features you would like to see within any future updates of PasTags.


We aim to update the PasTags software at least twice a year.



Speed and Simplicity are our key objectives in all of our software / applications.   Full version - £139

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 Providing you with the ability to automatically generate not one but three invaluable reports

First Stop Safety



First stop safety are our preferred supplier of testers and award winning calibration servicing

Exporting Reports



All reports can be automatically made available online, or downloaded as CSV, PDF or Excel

About us

We continually strive to be a great company. Our company is committed to providing high-quality software and services to our customers.

Hestor's staff conducts research and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry. We implement strategies to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates' capabilities. We continuously seek to develop software that allow speed and simplicity.


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