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the Software - PasTags


Whilst carrying out our own PAT testing for the group of companies, we realised what a pain it was collecting this information. Whenever you are out and about performing the tests you usually don't have pen and paper to hand, and if you do - you can be sure you will loose the forms before the end of the day.


Even after the forms are typed up,  another issue that constantly raises its head, your accounts department says 'end of year, how much are the items at the office x worth ? have you a list of them ?'


To this end, we have developed, written, tested and proved our own PAT testing software, We go out onsite, as we perform the tests we can log the information either on our laptop, netbook, iPad or even our mobile phone. Using our unique barcodes we can even scan the barcoded label !


And once we have completed the Pat testing, we can produce not one but three reports at the touch of a button.

Speed and Simplicity are our key objectives in all of our software / applications.   Full version - £139

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 Providing you with the ability to automatically generate not one but three invaluable reports

First Stop Safety



First stop safety are our preferred supplier of testers and award winning calibration servicing

Exporting Reports



All reports can be automatically made available online, or downloaded as CSV, PDF or Excel

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We continually strive to be a great company. Our company is committed to providing high-quality software and services to our customers.

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